Collect payments & manage rentals online

Category: Web Application
Team Members: Ajay Tripathi, Abhi Sachdev, Stephanie Bowker, Hendro Riyadi, Alex Berman
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SparkRent is the brainchild of a group of landlords and tenants determined to bring renting into the modern world. In a world of space tourism, robots who clean the house and smartphones that talk back to us, we think it’s high time that envelopes and rent checks went the way of the Dodo.

As a solution, the team developed SparkRent, the simplest way for landlords to collect rent online and manage all their rental properties in one place. As a simple web-app, landlords are able to quickly invite all of their tenants to pay via SparkRent’s secure payment network. SparkRent also sends automatic rent reminders to give peace of mind to both the landlord and tenants so that rent is never late again.

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