Innovators, be prepared!This is a simple mobile/web app that uses clear, simple inquiry to prepare an innovator to "be incubated"
Tagger is a mobile app that helps homeowners and plumbers find, annotate and track information in critical parts of the plumbing system. It works...
Trust & Risk Services
Knowing who you can trust online can be a challenge.  For example:If someone from craigslist wants to buy your old couch, should you trust this...
A simple app that returns synthesized text into audio/mpeg encoding file
Small Business
Helping small business owners connect with like minded folks to share, learn and grow together.


Small Business
AdviceCaster is an email-based community for overcoming the hiring problems that face your business. Once you sign up, you'll be able share the...
buzzer - make waiting an awesome experience
Mobile Applications
Buzzer is an innovative mobile solution that businesses and customers can use to make waiting an awesome experience.Simple, Easy, Revolutionary.Free...
Small Business
Turn your ideas into reality! Your employees have great ideas. You've got ways to capture these ideas including whiteboards, intranets and...
Intuit Labs ShopOwner is a mobile point-of-sale solution for a wide range of small businesses including salons and hardware stores.  Setup is...
UserPulse is a tool to help product teams keep a pulse on customer issues, especially in self-service channels with little transparency. It helps...
We Care & Give Back
Volunetero is an automated web application that is designed to match not-for-profit organisations with experienced/skilled volunteers.

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