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How to Change Your Coworkers’ Minds

Laura Klein

Understanding a customer’s pain and delight is a priority for businesses large and small. We like how user experience expert Laura Klein explains how she successfully helped her coworkers understand the value of user experience research and design. This is a story that originally appeared on The How and we’re republishing it as part of our partnership with […]

Charity Match: Great Giving and the Power of Experimentation


The collaboration of three diverse sectors — nonprofit, industry and government — resulted in the new prototype “Charity Match,” which aims at recommending the most relevant charities to Mint users, given their past spending habits and budgeting behaviors. The idea was a collaboration by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Intentional Futures. Intuit invited the Gates […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Hackathons


I have participated in, won, mentored, and organized at many levels hackathons, internal idea jams, Startup Weekends, and other events in the same spirit of idea/business creation. I’ve learned a lot, and sometime the not so easy way. So without further ado, here is a quick list of things to consider when building and pitching […]

High School Students Get Inspired at Incubation Week


​Ten teams were asked to create Minimal Viable Products (MVPs) that could potentially solve a problem plaguing society at Intuit’s Incubation Week in Mountain View. With the guidance of Incubation staff, team Viva La Sleep created a web app to help students spend more time on work assignments and less time aimlessly browsing the Internet. Viva […]

How We Launched A Product In A Day


This article originally appeared on Medium. A lot of companies ask their employees to innovate but not a lot create an environment that enables and encourages such innovation. Then there’s Intuit. As a relatively new member of the Intuit community, I was unaware of the entrepreneurial atmosphere the company cultivated. Incubation Week? You mean I can go […]

Introducing QuickBooks Labs


This article originally appeared in Sleeter. When Intuit announced their September 2014 release of QuickBooks Online they said there would be a link to something called QuickBooks Labs. At the time this new release came out I couldn’t find that menu option, as I mentioned in my release article. I speculated about what this was, […]

Inspired by the iPhone 6? Five Tips for Mini Steve Jobses


Time after time you saw the man, and now his legacy, change the world. So why not aspire to his brand of greatness? Before we dive into the list of tips, here is your first … well … tip: You are not Steve Jobs. Fughettaboutit. You’re not him, never will be and—come to think of […]

#iamintuit What It Means To Me


This article originally appeared on Medium. ‘I’, a letter you use to refer to yourself, your sense of being, your identity, and on some unfortunate moments, the ego too. Ever realized how much it means to us, this ‘I’? Means a lot! And this is exactly what makes ‘I am Intuit’ a statement that’s a […]

The Spockification of Corporate America


This article originally appeared on Linkedin. The drive to be more cool, calm, machine-like, ever increasingly mechanistic, like the proverbial well-oiled machine, is sheer mythology. Simply put, it won’t happen. Here on earth, even volcanologists aren’t Vulcans. Nobody is (you are welcome to cross-check my data on that). So as leaders – and good employees at […]

Harvard Business Review Video: Managing the Uncertainty of Innovation


Nathan Furr, professor of entrepreneurship at BYU’s Marriott School of Management, explains why innovation requires a new set of management practices. For more, read his book with Jeff Dyer, “The Innovator’s Method: Bringing the Lean Start-up into Your Organization.” You can read a sample from “The Innovator’s Method: Bringing the Lean Start-up into Your Organization” […]

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